Lightspeed eCommerce Integration for SME Retailers | A must-have retail solution during COVID-19

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Lightspeed eCommerce Integration for SME Retailers | A must-have retail solution during COVID-19

Lightspeed eCommerce Integration for SME Retailers

The novel coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the world economy and inflicted economic hardships across industries. The livelihood of millions of retail merchants around the world is at stake as the world is still trying to prevent the spread of the virus. Brick-and-mortar retailers are leading the caravan of the most adversely affected businesses during the pandemic. Due to the new normal, people are not willing to step out as comfortably as before. Masks and gloves, physical distancing, minimal contact are slowly becoming a part of the routine life.

During these grim times, retailers are looking for a close-to-perfect solution to revive their sinking ship. Lightspeed Retail POS (Point of Sale) offers a complete retail management solution that can breathe a new life into your retail business.

Take a look at how Lightspeed POS can help small and medium-sized businesses to remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lightspeed Retail POS can revive your dry business

In the time of COVID-19, small and medium-sized retailers are witnessing a harsh period of low sales, store closures, and increased losses. The coronavirus spread caused the offline retail businesses to bear heavy losses as they lost their business to the eCommerce retailers.

To overturn the effects of COVID-19, retailers must think about strengthening their existing business strategies. Establishing an online presence is the need of the hour to address the shopping concerns of your valuable customers. With Lightspeed Retail POS eCommerce integration, retailers can stay afloat during the COVID crisis.

Lightspeed eCommerce integration unlocks a wide range of benefits for the retailers to help them operate efficiently. A great POS integrated system facilitates easy management of inventory, sales orders, transactions, and more. With Lightspeed eCommerce integration, merchants can sell products across multiple platforms without the hassle of managing data manually on each sales channel.

How does it work?

Lightspeed integration comes with advanced features and tools to enable easy management of inventory data, orders, and transactions. It has the ability to synchronize stock levels across all sales channels, whether online or offline. When retailers integrate Lightspeed Retail POS with their eCommerce store, the system allows them to gain complete control over inventory, sales, and transactions. The integration enables retailers to add, edit, and delete simple as well as matrix items into eCommerce automatically. The integration also updates stocks, prices, product descriptions, and images flawlessly.

Benefits of Lightspeed eCommerce Integration

During COVID-19, customers are not able to step out of their homes but they still require essential products. Hence, it is the retailer’s responsibility to reach out to their customers in these difficult times. Lightspeed Retail POS enables better operational efficiency to help merchants address the shopping needs of their customers.

Have a look at the various advantages of connecting your Lightspeed POS with eCommerce platforms:

  • Establish an easy web presence by setting up an eCommerce store to take orders
  • Keep inventory across all stores synchronized for smooth customer experience
  • Download web orders, transactions, and customers in your POS system for fulfillment and record-keeping purposes
  • Enable buy online and pickup in-store facility to increase sales
  • Facilitate curbside pickup option to attract customers

Join the growing list of our clients by choosing our POS eCommerce integration services 

24SevenCommerce brings to you the advantage of a cloud-based platform, Octopus, that acts as a bridge between a brick-and-mortar store and eCommerce. It is a single platform that enables the integration of multiple systems to automate retail operations and eliminate manual work. Retailers can continue their operations during the lockdown by choosing our Lightspeed Retail POS eCommerce integration.

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