Strengthening your Shopify store with POS integration

pos integration with shopify

Shopify is consistently adding new merchants on its platform. The latest report shows it is powering more than 800,000 stores, Shopify is one of the top eCommerce platforms to run your business. The numbers indicate the growing popularity of Shopify in the eCommerce world as it provides all essential features in an easy-to-use manner.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of retail stores are not able to operate due to the imposed restrictions for social distancing. Due to which, Shopify is gaining traction among offline retailers as a preferable platform to launch an online store. Being a front-end software developed exclusively for eCommerce businesses, Shopify can provide retailers a run for their money.

Let us explore the main benefits of integrating your Shopify store with POS systems.

Shopify stores are witnessing a huge boost

During the period between March and April 2020, there was a 62% growth in the number of new stores created on the Shopify platform. The data speaks volumes as to how consumers are turning to web stores to purchase various products. In current circumstances, people are looking for ways to minimize contact with the outside world. Hence, the rise in the number of web stores pertaining to the closure of their physical counterparts is no surprise. To embrace this shift in consumer behavior emphatically, merchants launching online stores need to be well prepared. Shopify provides a host of features to simplify the set-up and maintenance of stores. Despite that, it’s good to have something extra at your disposal to run the operations smoothly.

As the eCommerce industry continues to flourish, we give you insight into the advantages of integrating POS with Shopify for businesses.

Advantages of integrating POS system with Shopify

Edge your competitors

During the time when retail businesses have a daunting task to attract customers, integrating the POS system with your Shopify store can make it less complicated. With POS integration into your eStore, the process of storing and maintaining mission-critical data becomes easy. Specialty retailers can quickly adapt to the changing needs of consumers to deliver a shopping experience of the highest standards.

Shopify, with a market share of 20%, is one of the top eCommerce platforms that has scalability and flexibility as per its USP. So, running a store on Shopify enables online merchants to avail of the benefits of numerous built-in tools and a variety of features.

Get hassle-free data storage and management

Reports suggest that total sales through Shopify breached the $100 billion mark as of June 2019. One can easily comprehend the competitiveness in the eCommerce world to excel. In order to stand out from the competitors, eCommerce business owners must have their data organized to put it into use. POS integration into Shopify ensures that all business data is accessible from a single platform i.e. POS. The integration enables business owners to gain valuable insights into their customer behavior and deliver seamless online shopping experiences.

Once the business data is easily accessible and manageable it causes less burden on the owners to perform administrative tasks. As a result, they can think about improving key areas of the business.

Prevent over-selling and bad customer experience

POS integration ensures Shopify store owners do not have to worry about the inventory data. Manually entering information can lead to errors, thus resulting in poor customer experience. With the integration of a POS into Shopify, it is easy to maintain the flow of data. The POS system allows you to download all the web orders at a single place for fulfilling and record-keeping. It saves operational costs and helps you deliver quality service.

So, whenever a customer orders a specific product, the request automatically flows through POS into a transaction and reconciles stock levels. With this integration, eCommerce store owners can save time and resources on manual tasks and focus on selling more products.

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