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BOPIS - Buy online pickup in store strategy

Now, as lockdowns come to an end and the economy thaws out, retailers are speculating whether these changes will stick around post-pandemic.

Over the past year, 40% of Americans tried a new shopping option, and nearly 65% of people who have tried BOPIS, want to continue using this service after the pandemic ends.

Bopois graphs


is an acronym that stands for

Buy Online, Pickup In-Store

The BOPIS strategy is also referred to as Click & Collect, Curbside Pickup and ROPIS (Reserve Online, Pickup In-Store). For shoppers, Store Pickup is a self-pickup service usually offered by retailers at zero cost. Shoppers can shop online and collect their orders from the nearest or preferred retail outlet as per their convenience. With BOPIS, buyers don’t have to deal with long waiting time of delivery, shipping charges, and returning back items that don’t fit or meet their expectations.

24Seven’s Octopus Bridge empowers retailers to adopt BOPIS model and facilitates them in meeting customer expectations. This model is the perfect way to drive in-store foot traffic and bridge the gap between the traditional brick-and-mortar and online shopping experiences.

How Does B.O.P.I.S. Work?

The BOPIS method offers your customers the opportunity to cherry-pick how they want to get their orders fulfilled. Convenience is the key to improve the shopper’s experience and BOPIS lets buyers make a purchase and pick it up instantly if they want to.

This is how the Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) method and order fulfillment process works:

1. Shoppers Shop Online, Through Your Webstore


BOPIS is the key to create a convenient buying experience by allowing customers complete their online shopping. During the check-out process, the buyer decides the time and picks-up store location for the products in his Cart. Real-time local stock-level updates let the customer see when and where the products will be available for pickup.

2. The Retailer Fulfills The Online Orders

There are two scenarios for order fulfillment using BOPIS:

a. The product is in stock at the shopper’s nearby store location. When the order is available at the retail outlet, you can locate it, pick-&-pack and keep it separate for the customer to pick up. You mayalso send a notification through email or SMS, letting the customer know that his order is ready for the pickup.

b. The product is not in stock at the shopper’s nearby store location. In this scenario, you can order it from another store location or your warehouse. As soon it arrives at the customer’s chosen location, you may send him a notification of the order’s availability.


3. The Customers Collect The Order

picks up the order - BOPIS

It depends on your Buy Online and Pickup in Store (BOPIS) strategy, whether you offer in-store pickups or at a selected pickup location.

Some merchants have made BOPIS even more convenient by offering “Curbside Pickup”. The customer drives up to your retail shop and his order is handed over while he stays in his car.

The Benefits Of Buy Online & Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) Strategy

For Retailers:

  1. Increased store traffic and sales
  2. Reduced shipping costs
  3. Bulk delivery from pickup point
  4. Improved inventory management
  5. Real-time stocks and prices update

For Shoppers:

  1. No shipping costs
  2. Speedy service
  3. Guarantee on the item’s availability
  4. Quick returns, refunds and exchanges
  5. Risk of package theft eliminated
BOPIS - Sell Online and Ship from Stores Solutions

Moving Forward with BOPIS – 2 Requirements Only

Do you have a brick-and-mortar shop with an online store but not offering Buy Online, Pickup In-Store yet? It’s the high time to get started!

Getting started isn’t difficult. Please ensure you have the following two requirements in place to provide an outstanding BOPIS experience:

  1. An eCommerce store to receive online orders (if not already, you may contact us to build your cost-effective online store) that could easily sync with your in-store POS system.
  2. At least one retail store or warehouse.

When you get busy, we can connect your website and POS together so the stocks are synchronized seamlessly across all locations.

Customers generally look for convenience which makes it necessary to test and execute new customer-oriented methods like – BOPIS, Curbside Pickup and ROPIS. These models let you compete with marketplaces such as Walmart and Amazon by using your physical retail store as a fulfillment center.

For more information, please reach out to us: or call +1 408-643-0097.

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