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Why Your Ecommerce Be Linked With GOOGLE SHOPPING?

Google Shopping Ads Can Help You Grow Your ONLINE SALES.

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If you are a web store owner, you should definitely consider Google Shopping integration as part of your online marketing strategies.  The reasons being – Shopping campaigns utilize item images to promote your in-store products and show them to those shoppers who are searching for them on Google.

Google Shopping is basically a Google service that allows buyers to search for products on Google Search Engine and compare prices between multiple vendors.

To use this service, you need to have

1. A Google AdWords account
2. A google merchant account

Google AdWords allows you to run your online ads. Google Merchant Center allows you to upload your product information.

Once setup correctly you can use this Google service to reach-out to more shoppers and increase online sales.

One major problem with this process is that Google requires product information, such as available quantity, pricing, images, etc., to be accurate. If inaccurate information is provided, it can result in either Google delisting your feed or you overselling items. Worse, paying for product ads that do not convert due to inaccurate information.


We have a perfect solution for busy merchants that want to automate this process and increase sales.

Octopus, the cloud-based omnichannel integrator, publishes your in-store products on Google Shopping. The product feed is updated once a day per Google guidelines. The updated feed includes changes such as prices, stocks, and descriptions per the POS system. This is an automated process and no manual intervention is required.

In a nutshell, you can create a new product, remove an item or update price and stock of an existing one- all automatically.

Benefits of Google Shopping Integration:

Stand Out: Google Shopping ads appear on top of search results, targeting focused buyers. Product Listing Ads stand out with their simplicity, clear messaging, and visual appeal.

Grab Attention: Product Listing Ads are the only ads in the search results showing an item’s photo, which immediately draws the attention of the customers. Product photography plays an important role in Google Shopping optimization. It appeals buyers and provokes them to click and land on a product page.

Better Quality Leads: Usually, people who search for products on Google Shopping have already done some research and are close to making a decision. When they see a relevant product Ad, they most likely to follow the link to learn more about the product and make a purchase decision.

Higher Conversion Rates: Google Shopping Ads have proven to have much higher conversion rates compared to text-only ads. They lead to more relevant traffic to your eCommerce website at better cost-per-click and ultimately boost your Return-on-Investment.

Easier to Manage: POS integrated Google Shopping Ads are much simpler to manage on the back-end. There are no keywords to define because Google uses your product data feed to match products to searches. You can optimize product data feed using user-friendly product name and descriptions.

Broader Reach: With Google Shopping integration, multiple in-store products can appear with a single click boosting exposure for your product line. That helps you increase the awareness of new and related products.

Bids Benchmarking: Google also provides ‘User Benchmarks’ so one can better place his bids by measuring against how industry players are bidding.

Product Information Uploads from POS to Google Shopping

Google Shopping Integration - Item Info

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