How To Beat Amazon At Its Own Game?

How To Beat Knock At Its Own Game

Amazon is the biggest name in the e-commerce industry, with over 2.45 Billion people visiting its site monthly.

That’s a huge number to crack! Isn’t it?

It works as a customer-centric platform where buyers can find a variety of products under a budget.

Despite its increased demand in the market, Amazon customer satisfaction is lowering at an increasing pace.

amazon customer satisfaction


For the last decade, Amazon has been facing severe problems in treating their customers right.

Many people have complained of increased delivery times and unavailability of products to be a major reason for their dissatisfaction with Amazon.

Even retailers are facing problems in maintaining proper margins and protecting their brand identity. Big brands like Nike and Ikea have already walked away due to this inefficiency.

Amazon has access to a mass audience; this makes retailers unsure of setting up their online store. But, what if we say that any retailer with an e-commerce website can beat Amazon and earn big money.

Amazon indeed is a go-to option for buying online, but it comes with three major shortcomings that retailers can incorporate into their e-commerce site. These are:

1. One-day Delivery

Another primary source through which Amazon earns is via Amazon Prime.

It is a subscription-based model that provides additional services to those people who pay a fixed monthly or annual fee to Amazon.

Statistically, over 200 million people are currently using Prime membership, out of which 80% of them have done it just for faster delivery service.

why do us internet users shop on amazon


This means people prefer paying extra money just to get their items delivered fast.

And, here is the catch.

Retailers can also collaborate with the best delivery service providers that can hand over parcels either on the same day or within 24 hrs.

Adopting this method will keep your business way ahead of your competitors, including Amazon.

2. BOPIS Service

The Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store culture is selling like hotcakes.

Statistically, 64% of people are more often going for pickup service than visiting a store after the pandemic. Buyers are avoiding crowded places and are looking for options that are convenient and safe.


BOPIS is one such service that is still unavailable by Amazon.

Retailers with at least one brick-and-mortar store can adopt BOPIS for their shoppers.

While listing down the products on your e-commerce website, you can add BOPIS as one of the delivery options. Buyers can avail of this service and mention the date and time for pickup.

3. Offer A Personalized Buying Experience

 Small businesses are famous for giving in extra effort when delivering an order.

When you see a buyer, not as a number but as someone willing to invest in your offering, it shows.

And, people have started to recognize this bond.

Amazon can be a whole lot of things but will never be able to establish a dedicated buyer and brand relationship.

It will always be the middlemen.

However, retailers can offer a personalized experience through their e-commerce platform. They can send handwritten notes, solve customer queries quickly, and help them when they are stuck.

These small gestures encourage buyers to go the extra mile and buy items over their budget.

Wrapping Up

Beating Amazon is a tough task, but why do it when you can co-exist?

An e-commerce website gives retailers the freedom to enhance their buyer’s experience, quickly solve customer queries and personalize offers.

All this is hard to find in any marketplace-including Amazon.

And, people know this. They have started to directly reach out to brands and order through their e-commerce site.

Besides, doing this requires a channel that streamlines the entire process from order procurement to its delivery.

24sevencommerce’s Octopus Bridge can help you integrate single or even multiple POS with your e-commerce website. It will help you manage your stock and reduce the risk of cancellation and out of stocks.

You can also facilitate a BOPIS strategy in your e-commerce platform to attract local clients.

So, get started today and take your business to the next level.

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