How to connect Lightspeed Retail with Shopify?

lighstpeed pos shopify integration

Shopify is an online shopping giant that holds nearly 11% of the total e-commerce market. It receives millions of online shoppers every day and is a home for over 1 million shoppers across 175 countries.

Lightspeed is a leading POS system that helps retailers get their inventory game on point. It offers a fully integrated personalized system to record inventory and manage sales.

Retailers have to understand that customers are now opting for more than a single channel for shopping.

Opting for Lightspeed-Shopify integration is the best way to connect your offline store with online and accelerate sales. It has enormous potential to help build a robust omnichannel presence.

Octopus Bridge is a cloud-based platform that offers integration as a service that helps connect your POS with online marketplaces like Shopify.

Establishing such platforms is a great way to automate your workflow and remove the need for manual data entry.

The integration fills you with targeted data that helps in making accurate decisions. It also streamlines your business operation and ensures there are no missed or multiple entries.

Octopus Bridge will be a great option if you are a brick-and-mortar retailer looking for an ideal Lightspeed-Shopify integration system.

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