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No Setup Fee  |  21-Day Trial  |  $59/month

The integration enables you to automatically sync inventory, web orders, and customers details between Lightspeed Retail POS and Shopify store. Setup in just few minutes and easy to use.

Why integrate your Lightspeed Retail POS with Shopify?

Businesses are now looking to improve customer interactions, increase sales, and provide a seamless omnichannel experience to customers by integrating their eCommerce stores hosted on platforms like Shopify to their Point of Sale Systems such as Lightspeed.

Lightspeed Retail Integration with Shopify allows you to keep track of sales, and manage inventory and customer data between the two channels with little effort. Essentially it enables information to flow seamlessly from one system to another. The integration solution connects your Lightspeed POS hardware ie. the card reader, cash register, etc. at your physical store to the back-end ERP system and your Shopify store and feeds updated information to all the channels from a centralized data management system.

Why Shopify and Lightspeed Retail POS are a winning combination?

If you are looking to future-proof your business against the various uncertainties that keep cropping up, then Lightspeed Retail POS is for you. A fully integrated retail POS system Lightspeed comes with advanced software that allows merchants to secure and grow their business across channels. If you have an eCommerce store on Shopify, then LightSpeed POS enables you to manage your Shopify store inventory from the same retail POS system used for the physical store. That’s not all. It also automatically synchronizes the inventory every few minutes, saving both time and resources.

Lightspeed Point of Sale (POS) comes power-packed with features that allow merchants to remain agile and stay connected with their customers. Contactless payment options, an integrated loyalty program, and built-in inventory management tools are some of them.

Meanwhile, Shopify is a powerful and user-friendly eCommerce platform. The drag and drop shop builder feature, built-in payment systems, etc. make it a preferred solution, especially amongst small and medium enterprises.

So for retailers with Lightspeed POS, Shopify seems to be the apt platform to consider when taking the plunge into the online space, and one of the main reasons for this is the easy integration possible between Lightspeed POS and Shopify. For businesses that are looking to offer a consistent customer experience between your store and online shop, the choice is Lightspeed POS and Shopify combination.

Connect your eCommerce store on Shopify with Lightspeed Retail POS

By integrating Lightspeed with your Shopify store, you can avoid double data entry and thereby minimize human errors. Automatic syncing of information between the two systems means there are no more instances of oversell or stockouts.

Integrating your Shopify store with Lightspeed POS helps you:

• Centrally manage both operations
• Better your marketing efforts with access to real-time customer data across both channels
• Offer value-added services like buy online and pick-up in store
• Improve order fulfillment
• Handle large inventories easily and avoid instances of stockouts and oversells

Boost your marketing efforts with Shopify and Lightspeed Integration

By integrating your Lightspeed POS with Shopify store, you get real-time updated information of all the orders and customers across both channels. On integrating both the systems, you need to update your new product details, customer offers, etc. in just one place, and the data gets synced in all other systems ensuring that your customers have a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Orders across both channels are tracked and updated in the back-end ERP system giving you a complete view of your sales performance.

• Seamlessly integrate both online and offline stores
• Keep track of inventory in real-time
• Do away with manual entry of data
• Extend promotions across channels with minimum effort
• Have all customer data in one place
• Improve customer experience

How to integrate Lightspeed with Shopify?

There are many ways to connect both systems. There are Plug-in Apps available in both the Lightspeed App store and Shopify Apps Store and are a good fit for small businesses that are starting out and with a not so big product catalog. You can subscribe to one of them for a monthly subscription fee. They use point-to-point integration with no middleware between the two systems. While they are affordable and can handle simple operations, they are not scalable.

Other limitations of this method are the kind of data that you can transfer between the systems, the amount of data you can send, and how often you can sync data. Data syncing happens in batches at pre-set timings every day. So if you are looking to just connect your Shopify store with Lightspeed POS then this option should work best. For more complex needs like multi-store linking, auto-syncing of data and buy online pick-up in-store you will need to go for better integration methods available.

The second option is to do custom integration. Custom integration will require work on APIs at both ends to enable the synchronization of data. For this, you will need to work with developers who are familiar with both the systems and this can be complex and expensive.

The third option is to opt for a commerce integration platform. 24SevenCommerce is a leading integration solution provider working with both Lightspeed POS and Shopify. Octopus Channel Manager from 24SevenCommerce is a cloud-based integration platform that can easily connect the Lightspeed POS system with Shopify.

Octopus allows businesses to maintain a single inventory master file for your physical store and Shopify store and automatically synchronizes inventory data between the systems 24/7/365 without human intervention. It prevents out-of-stock situations, improves operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and reduces labor costs. Octopus also syncs online and offline sales every few minutes. 24SevenCommerce has a customer base ranging from small Boutique Store Owners to Multi-Store Retailers.

24SevenCommerce – The Best Integration Solution Provider

24SevenCommerce is an omnichannel eCommerce expert with 19+ years of experience in POS eCommerce integrations. 24Seven Commerce enables multi-channel retailers to effectively manage both online and in-store businesses. The proprietary cloud-based integration platform, Octopus, integrates the world’s top POS systems with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, allowing for real-time inventory tracking and sales data.

Octopus also enables retailers to offer an omnichannel experience to customers. Click-and-Collect and BOPIS solutions help businesses increase online sales and drive in-store traffic. To find out more about Lightspeed integration visit:

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