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LiquorPOS Ecommerce Integration

Connect LiquorPOS with Leading Ecommerce Platforms and Marketplaces

Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, Nopcommerce, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Farfetch, Google Shopping

In last few years, the technology has transformed in the wine industry.  As more and more states and cities allow home-delivery and the sale of alcohol online, liquor stores are experiencing a difference. By launching an online store, you can change the way you interact with your shoppers and bring a competitive advantage to your store.

Heartland LiquorPOS has been designed to optimize time, drive sales and maximize profits for independent retail liquor store owners across USA. It has been designed to address the point of sale (POS) needs of retail liquor stores including sales, managing orders, and deposits whether by the case, six-pack, or bottle, as well as providing the level of service that builds customer loyalty.

LiquorPOS has been successfully serving independent retail liquor stores for nearly three decades by delivering reliable, flexible and secure point-of-sale solution. Presently more than 5,000 liquor stores are relying on LiquorPOS to automate their routine tasks, which allows them to operate more efficiently, productively and profitably. Liquor POS offers a user-friendly interface which is a robust platform. Packed with customizable features and functions, LiquorPOS addresses the unique challenges and opportunities independent liquor store businesses face in today’s competitive market.

Octopus, a cloud-based middleware channel, offers various eCommerce integrations with LiquorPOS to help you and your liquor store succeed. Today Octopus seamlessly integrates LiquorPOS with Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, Nopcommerce, OpenCart and many more.

The LiquorPOS integrated web store shares a common database with the POS. This ensures a unified customer experience no matter what channel your customer is using to make purchases with you, especially when they shop from multiple channels. Inventory stock levels are always accurately reflected across all sales channels since you never have to do manual job between separate POS and eCommerce store.

Sell on Multiple eCommerce Platforms

LiquorPOS Integration Enables You to Take Your Business Online

Using 24Seven Commerce technologies, expand beyond the boundaries of your physical stores. By integrating your brick and mortar store to online platforms such as your website, Amazon, eBay, etc., you’re able to sell your in-store products while making sure quantity and prices stay in synch. 24Seven middleware called Octopus allows you to manage inventory and ecommerce platforms.

drive foot traffic to your store - lia

Drive Foot Traffic to Your Store

Octopus Channel is our proprietary cloud-based integration platform that syncs in-store items with Google Local Inventory Ads platform. It enables shoppers to view your store inventory in real-time when they search for products on their smartphones. When shoppers click on your ad, they will land on a Google-hosted web page of the store known as ‘Local Storefront’. Shoppers can use the local storefront to view your in-store inventory, check stock availability, see store hours, avail promotions and find directions.

Multistore Integration

Octopus Bridge can connect your physical stores chain with eCommerce store. Using our multistore LiquorPOS and eCommerce integration, you can seamlessly adopt various retail models, such as:

  • BOPIS: Buy Online, Pickup In-store
  • BOPAC: Buy Online, Pickup at Curbside
  • BORIS: Buy Online, Return In-Store
  • ROPIS: Reserve Online, Pickup In-store

All these retail models provide a clear method to bridge the gap between online and offline retailing. Shoppers are continuously choosing these methods for a convenient shopping experience which also saves time and money for them.


Benefits of Multistore LiquorPOS eCommerce Integration:


  • No shipping costs
  • Speedy service
  • Guarantee on the item’s availability
  • Quick returns, refunds and exchanges
  • Risk of package theft eliminated


  • Increased store traffic and sales
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Bulk delivery from pickup point
  • Improved inventory management
  • Real-time stocks and prices update

How our integration works?

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24Seven Commerce – Overview

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Octopus Channel integration with online platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and your own eCommerce website empowers brick-and-mortar stores to sell products on global marketplaces more efficiently. Eliminate manual data entry, no more copy pasting, and manage all your products in one place. Octopus Channel Synchronization with LiquorPOS POS automatically synchronizes inventory across all marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, and physical locations, increasing both customer satisfaction, rankings and deliver better operational efficiency. This, in turn, results in reduced management costs and higher profit margins.

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