Strengthen your retail business with Quickbooks Magento Integration

Quickbooks and Magento Integration

Do you maintain your physical store and online eCommerce store as two standalone systems? To treat them as two separate entities can be difficult and time-consuming. You are prone to make errors when you have to do double-entry of inventory and sales data in both systems. And, to get a holistic view of the business, you need to combine data from both channels. Hence it is critical to integrate the two. Quickbooks POS Magento integration is a solution that allows retailers to integrate their offline and eCommerce stores easily. It is efficient, accurate, and enables you to grow faster.

Benefits of Quickbooks Magento Integration

• You can control both the offline and eCommerce store from one location.
• When you update product details in your Quickbooks POS, it reflects automatically in your Magento store.
• Avoid overselling as inventory data gets synced every few minutes.
• Say no to double data entry and save time and minimize human error.
• Provide a better customer experience across both channels.

Can Quickbooks be integrated with all versions of Magento?

Recently Adobe has announced End of Life for Magento Commerce 1. Hence, many eCommerce stores built on the Magento 1 platform are now re-platforming to Magento 2. However, some retailers are continuing to maintain their site on Magento 1. For them, there are plugins available to integrate Quickbooks POS with their store. Magento Integration Suite by XTENTO is one such extension available in the market. However, in this blog, we will be restricting our discussions to the integration of Quickbooks with Magento 2.

How to integrate Quickbooks POS with your Magento 2 eCommerce store?

1. Magento Quickbooks POS Integration Extensions

One way to integrate your Quickbooks POS with Magento is through extensions. These are plugins that use point-to-point integration with no middleware. T-Hub, eCC, Stone Edge Order Manager, PowerSync are a few of the popular extensions available. While these plugins can synchronize data between the two systems, they might not be scalable in the long run. There are limitations on the kind of data and quantum of data you can transfer between the two systems. Also, there are restrictions on how often you can sync data.

With some of the extensions, you will need to sync the data manually. In others, where automatic data syncing is possible, the syncing happens in batches at pre-set timings every day. So this option is best suited for small operations that are just starting with a limited product catalog. If you are looking to scale your operations, you will need advanced integration solutions. These solutions allow you to link multi-stores with your Magento store and auto-sync data every few minutes.

2. Custom development:

The second option would be to do custom development. It allows you to develop an automated solution that is perfect to meet your needs. But the disadvantage is that the costs can be prohibitive. You will also need a developer well versed in the Magento system to ensure flawless execution.

3. Third-party integration solutions:

The third option is to integrate your Magento 2 web store with QuickBooks POS using third-party integration solutions. Octopus from 24SevenCommerce is a cloud-based Integration platform. It helps synchronize Quickbooks POS with Magento 2. Octopus allows retailers to maintain a single inventory master file for both the channels. The inventory data gets synchronized between the two systems without human intervention. This means that QuickBooks POS inventory details get uploaded to Magento, and web orders are downloaded into QuickBooks POS automatically.

Octopus syncs online and offline sales every few minutes. It means that you have access to real-time data, be it inventory, sales, or customer data. With this, you can prevent out-of-stock situations, improve operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Octopus in Quickbooks POS Magento integration:

• Product catalog information gets updated automatically from QuickBooks to your Magento store
• Manual data entry is not required to sync the latest pricing and inventory information
• Automatic downloading of Magento orders in QuickBooks for fulfillment and record-keeping
• Elimination of duplicate data on your Magento store
• Enables connection of multiple retail outlets (using QuickBooks Advanced POS) with your eCommerce store
• You can deploy the solution in just a few days

From the above benefits, it is clear that Octopus is the perfect tool for bi-directional synchronization.

Is Magento 2 Quickbooks desktop integration possible?

A lot of retailers have the desktop version of Quickbooks accounting solution. The desktop version is not hosted on the cloud. It is downloaded and installed on the computer. Now, to answer the question asked, yes, you can integrate Quickbooks desktop with Magento 2 using extensions. Quickbooks Desktop Integration for Magento 2 from Magenest is one of them. You can find several such extensions on the Magento marketplace. These extensions allow you to sync all information automatically between the two systems. You can transfer product updates, sale orders, and invoices in seconds and manage your business and accounts better.

24SevenCommerce – The best POS integration solution provider

24SevenCommerce has over 19 years of experience in POS eCommerce integrations. Our proprietary cloud-based integration platform, Octopus, integrates the world’s leading POS systems like Quickbooks with eCommerce platforms like Magento. You can now manage your in-store and online operations as one unified system. It allows you to track inventory and sales data in real-time. It also enables retailers to offer an omnichannel experience to customers. To find out more about Quickbooks POS integration, visit:

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