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retailplus-integration-ecommerce Boost Online and Offline Sales with Retail Plus eCommerce Integration

Retail Plus POS eCommerce Integration

Connect Retail Plus POS with leading eCommerce marketplaces and shopping carts

Retail Plus POS (point of sale) is a 360-degree retail management solution suitable for small businesses. It acts as a centralized database to safeguard business data including customer contact information, transaction history, and more. Being a POS software, it enables users to track inventory in real-time, update orders, align billing and invoicing, and generate reports. 24Seven Commerce’s Octopus Channel Manager facilitates a seamless exchange of information between the Retail Plus POS system and eCommerce platforms. Our integration-as-a-service model supports multiple e-commerce platforms and lets you smoothly run your online store with minimal disruptions.

Sell on Multiple eCommerce Platforms with Retail Plus POS eCommerce Integration

Take Your Business Online

Avail our Retail Plus POS eCommerce integration service and start selling your products online with ease. You can sell your in-store products while making sure that quantity and prices stay in sync by integrating your brick and mortar store to your eCommerce website or online stores like Amazon and eBay. 24Seven middleware, Octopus enables you to easily manage your inventory across all channels for seamless business operations.

drive foot traffic to your store - lia

Drive Foot Traffic to Your Store

Octopus channel is our proprietary cloud-based integration platform that syncs in-store items with Google Local Inventory Ads platform. It enables shoppers to view your store inventory in real-time when they search for products on their smartphones. When shoppers click your ad, they will land on a Google-hosted web page of the store known as ‘Local Storefront’. Shoppers can use the local storefront to view your in-store inventory, check stock availability, see store hours, avail promotions, and find directions.

How our integration works?

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24Seven Commerce – Overview

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Octopus channel facilitates seamless integration between Retail Plus POS and eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, NopCommerce, OpenCart, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more. Our Retail Plus eCommerce integration automates downloading of web orders in the POS, managing stock levels at all locations, and generating reports on web orders, payments, etc.

POS Integrated Clients

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