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Retail Pro and Magento Integration

The Retail Pro integration with Magento allows the two systems to work as one. The integration automates the process of updating inventory into Magento and downloading orders into Retail Pro POS system. This automated feature avoids double-data entry and minimizes manual interventions. The integrated Magento with Retail Pro tracks inventory stock levels, multiple price levels, product attributes and creates the customer records – all synchronized with the web.

The Retail Pro Magento integration has been designed to save time, efforts and resources by reducing repetitive and monotonous steps, and decreasing the amount of time spent in updating product details. Manually operating two different systems are not only bothersome but also difficult because the process involves double data-entry work of inserting product details in each system separately to update product listings and inventory management.

Octopus, the cloud-based middleware, makes Retail Pro compatible with Magento. It allows to add missing product information and prepare the items before uploading them into Magento. It also allows you to segregate items and upload only selective items into Magento.

24Seven Commerce’s integration of Magento with Retail Pro v8, v9, and Prism has additional features like supporting bulk listing, matrix products with variants like colors, size, and dimensions, automated image uploading, accurate inventory tracking, thorough data synchronization, multiple pricing rules according to each marketplace and web orders downloading as and when received.

What our Integration Synchronize in Between Retail Pro and Magento?

Upload Retail Pro Information to Magento

Upload-Information-from-RetailPro-to Magento

Download Magento Orders into Retail Pro POS


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