Retail Pro POS WooCommerce Integration

Be a part of the eCommerce growth story with our ready-to-use POS eCommerce Integration.

retailpro woocommerce integration
woocommerce and retail pro integration

We are witnessing a massive acceleration in the eCommerce segment. It is the perfect time to add Digital to your growth strategy.

A lot happened last year, especially in the retail sector. Lockdowns forced the brick-and-mortar stores to down their shutters for long, and consumers slowly shifted to the online space for all their shopping. While life is limping back to normal, it is evident that many consumers have got comfortable with buying online. Retailers realize that to stay competitive and grow an eCommerce presence is a must. Every day we come across businesses setting up their store online or seeking help to connect their existing online and offline stores for better results.

If you are looking to integrate your Retail Pro POS to your WooCommerce store, this solution is for you. Our POS eCommerce Integration allows retailers to easily connect their Retail Pro POS with the WooCommerce store and manage them effortlessly from one single location. It helps automate many processes, minimize errors and save on human resources and the costs attached to it.

What is Omnichannel Commerce, and why are retailers adopting it?

eCommerce enables you to target customers across the world as long as you have the wherewithal to fulfill the orders you receive. So how do you identify and target them? Firstly, by being present in multiple channels where your customers are likely to visit. It could be the popular marketplaces, the various social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, or even your website. Today a lot of online purchases are initiated and very often completed outside an eCommerce store. Customers come across products on their Facebook or Instagram feed or even YouTube channels. The advertisements then direct them to a store, either your eCommerce store or the store on the marketplace, to complete the transaction. So, you not only need to be present on multiple channels, but all of them need to be connected so that customers can initiate a transaction on one channel and complete it in another. That is what omnichannel commerce is all about.

The first step to getting there is to connect your POS to your eCommerce store. There are many benefits in integrating your Retail Pro POS with your WooCommerce store.

  • Better customer reach
  • Significant improvement in customer experience and loyalty
  • Increase in sales and traffic
  • Better data collection
omnichanel - retail pro woocommerce integration

Automated Inventory Management

Inventory Management is the most tedious part of a retail business. If you have multiple stores, then keeping track of inventory, updating them individually in all stores can be time-consuming and prone to errors. One of the main reason retailers opt for POS eCommerce Integration is the automation of Inventory Management. POS eCommerce Integration allows for seamless transfer of data between systems. All you need to do is update product information once in your POS, and it gets automatically updated in the eCommerce store and all other market places. It does not matter if you have a single store or multiple stores. Whenever you update something in the Retail Pro POS, irrespective of the location, it gets updated online. Data points that can get updated automatically include:

  • Unique and expanded Item Title and Descriptions
  • Over 30 unique Retail Pro fields can be mapped to the WooCommerce store
  • You can apply Safety Net Stock Rule to prevent over-selling
  • Pricing details including Sale Price, List Price, MSRP, Cost, etc.
  • Support for features like ‘Draft Items’; ‘Delete Out-of-Stock’; and ‘Style’ Items.

Automated Order Management

Order management is critical to the success of any eCommerce business. A smooth order fulfillment process is a hygiene factor and decides if your customers will come to you for repeat purchases. A well-planned order automation process can contribute in a big way to customer experience. The automation of the Order Management Process can help you minimize instances of cancellations and refunds. It can help update stocks, avoid cancellations, reduce shipping costs and save hours by automatically routing and invoicing orders across locations.

  • Set store preference and available quantities
  • Automatically route ordered items to the chosen location
  • Generate SO or Receipt
  • Segregate Shopify Orders from in-store
  • Maintain separate ledgers for Taxes, Discounts, and Shipping Costs for Shopify orders
woocommerce and retail pro order management

Automated Shopper Management

The POS eCommerce Integrations enables the automatic download of WooCommerce customer data into Retail Pro POS. The system can identify and segregate old and new customers before updating them into the POS system.

  • Identify existing and new customers
  • Avoid creating duplicate customers in Retail Pro POS
  • Add new online customers into Retail Pro automatically
  • Merge existing POS customers with the same eCommerce customers
  • Download customer data – Billing Address, Shipping Address, Email, Phone, etc.

Why Choose 24SevenCommerce for Retail Pro POS WooCommerce Integration?

Many retailers are looking to connect their WooCommerce store with their Retail Pro POS. If you are one of them, then it is time to explore the POS eCommerce Integration from 24SevenComerce. We have over a decade of experience in eCommerce solutions and have customers in over 20 countries. Are you wondering what makes our solution so popular amongst retailers? The main reason is that it facilitates the synchronization of data across systems. The data changes that you make in the POS get reflected in the eCommerce store in real-time, and the orders that come to the eCommerce store get downloaded to the POS immediately for order fulfillment. That’s not all. It even segregates the customer data as new and old and uploads them in the POS so that there are no duplicate customer records.

To using your stores effortlessly, connect with us.