Sell on Facebook

Sell with ease, with or without a website – Facebook Shop, your online store awaits!

Upload items to OctopusBridge and have them synchronized to Facebook.

Facebook Shop is an online marketplace launched by Facebook to help businesses sell their products directly to customers on the platform. With the increasing shift towards online shopping, Facebook Shop provides a seamless and convenient way for businesses to reach a wider audience and showcase their products. The feature allows businesses to create a customizable storefront, list their products, and process transactions, all within the Facebook ecosystem.

The platform also offers various tools and insights to help businesses manage their online stores and optimize their sales. Facebook Shop is available to businesses of all sizes and is integrated across Facebook’s family of apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp, making it easier for businesses to connect with potential customers across different platforms.

Unleash the Power of Social Commerce with Facebook Shop

Why You Should Setup Facebook Shop?

  1. Reach a wider audience of over 2.9 billion monthly active users
  2. Customizable storefront to showcase your brand identity and products
  3. Streamlined shopping experience for customers without leaving the app
  4. Increased sales and revenue through a convenient and easy-to-use platform

Facebook Product Listing Made Easy

Once you have set up your Facebook store, it’s easy to list your products by integrating your POS system with OctopusBridge. The OctopusBridge allows seamless syncing between your in-store inventory and Facebook Shop. With Octopus Bridge, you can manage your product listings, orders, and sales all in one place, making the process more efficient and streamlined. 

The process is as simple as uploading an item to Octopus and have it synced to Facebook Shop automatically.

  • Setup Facebook Shop and Marketplace.
  • Integrate your POS system with Facebook.
  • Sync your inventory and sales data.

Show Facebook Customers What’s Available in Your Store

Attract Local Customers to Your Brick-and-Mortar Store

To boost in-store traffic and local sales, it’s essential to expand your reach within your community. Utilizing Facebook is a great way to promote your local business. By updating your account, targeting the right audience, and refining your Ad campaigns, you can effectively connect with more people in your neighborhood.

  • Make sure your store is visible on the map.
  • Reach more potential customers by personalizing your Ads.
  • Optimize your Ad campaigns to achieve maximum impact.
Attract Local Customers
Increase Brand Visibility and Sales

Increase Brand Visibility and Sales

  • Optimize your Facebook page with up-to-date business information
  • Upload high-quality product images
  • Provide detailed product descriptions
  • Create engaging and informative posts highlighting products and promotions
  • Utilize paid advertising to reach a wider audience
  • Take advantage of Facebook’s Insights tool to track store’s performance
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings to build trust
  • Offer promotions, discounts, and exclusive deals

Benefits to Retailers:

  • Increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience
  • Boost online and in-store sales
  • Utilize Facebook’s insights tool to track performance
  • Gain customer insights and feedback through reviews and ratings
  • Use paid advertising to drive traffic and increase conversions

Benefits to Shoppers:

  • Convenient and easy-to-use platform for purchasing products
  • Access to a wider variety of products from various brands
  • Shop from the comfort of their own homes
  • Read reviews and ratings from other customers
  • Personalized product recommendations based on shopping behavior

Choose 24Seven Commerce for Seamless Facebook Integration with Your POS System

24Seven Commerce is a leading provider of omnichannel solutions for retailers, and they can help businesses of all sizes set up their Facebook Commerce. With their expertise and experience, 24Seven Commerce can guide retailers through the process of creating a Facebook Shop, from verifying eligibility to configuring the store settings and product listings.

They can also help retailers integrate their Facebook Commerce with their existing e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, Woocommerce or Magento, to streamline operations and ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Additionally, 24Seven Commerce offers ongoing support and maintenance to help retailers optimize their Facebook Shop and drive more sales. By partnering with 24Seven Commerce, retailers can unlock the full potential of Facebook Shop and reach a wider audience with their products.