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See what our customers have to say about working with our company and why they continue to rely on 24Seven Commerce to deliver peace of mind and stock accuracy to their customers. Having a strong relationship with our customers and POS partners is at the center of our origination. Businesses in over 20 countries leverage our technology to manage their inventory across numerous Point of Sale Systems, various eCommerce shopping carts and multiple marketplaces.

Swim ‘N Things is a specialty store dealing with swimwear and travel-related products. Operating out of Denver, Colorado Swim ‘N Things has a physical store and an eCommerce store.

Read what Matt Glass, Manager, Swim ‘N Things has to say about his association with 24SevenCommerce

“Our physical store and website were not connected and the inventory was not synchronized. In our store, we sell a wide variety of products and the inventory is extensive. We wanted to extend the entire line of products to our eCommerce store as well. Adding each product individually to the eCommerce store was tedious and time-consuming. I had to find the right image, add the correct product description which was double-work, and always resulted in errors.

We wanted to have one database for inventory for both our stores so that stock details get updated automatically on our eCommerce store as well. The objective to offer more products online, expand our online business, and get more traffic and sales from our eCommerce store.

We contacted 24SevenCommerce to help us synchronize our inventory so that we have only one inventory stock to worry about.

The 24SevenCommerce interface is very easy to use. I can easily import the product data with images into 24sevencommerce and the same gets updated on my eCommerce store backend which is built on BigCommerce. Initially, I did encounter problems in importing data and still, errors keep showing up but the 24severcommerce team has assisted me whenever required.

My journey with 24seven has been a good one and I look forward to a continued partnership.”

Matt Glass

Manager, Swim ‘N Things

Having spent fifteen years on Yahoo!store, we desperately needed an inventory and order management solution that integrated with our point of sale, Retail Pro version 8 and a modern ecom solution like Shopify and marketplaces like Amazon. We picked 24seven and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

We increased our presence on Amazon from a handful of manually managed skus to hundreds of skus, all managed by 24seven automatically. We experienced a 2,300% increase in Amazon sales year over year during the holiday shopping season of 2016.

We were able to transition off our antiquated Yahoo!Store, and start new with Shopify. The new store is fully integrated with our POS for inventory and orders via 24seven. Our order processing efficiency for both Amazon and Shopify orders was quadrupled by eliminating the need to re-key orders, not to mention eliminating clerical errors.

Coupled with a turn-key integration between Shopify and our shipping partner, Shipbob, we now have the inventory management and order processing and fulfillment efficiencies to stay competitive and even compete against much bigger players in our retail space. And compete we do! We have great hope for the future of our online sales channels. Thank you 24seven for making it possible. We are delighted to recommend your services.


David McBride

Londo Mondo

Octopus Channel integration between our POS and Amazon has empowered us to increase our presence on Amazon and sell 10 times more. The more product I have, the more I sell. Now I am able to manage thousands of Amazon items. There’s no question – you have to have this digital backbone if you want to sell on Amazon or any other online marketplace.


Jason Palmer

CEO Petticoat Lane

We keep track of everything using our POS. 24Seven Cart with POS integration enables us to streamline management of our webstore and keep real-time tabs on inventory across every location. Our staff is equipped with iPads, enabling us to cross-sell items from all our stores. 24Seven’s transparency and level of communication accelerated the website build and launch process. During implementation, we were communicating on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. It’s a very responsive team


Stan Shotkus

Owner, Lyn Evans

One of the most important factors to succeed in Ecommerce business is having a team offering technical support & services with quick response time and high efficiency. 24Seven Commerce team provides this support in a way unlike anyone else in the Gulf region. While dealing with them, I realized they are the pioneer of the trade. They developed my two Ecommerce websites and integrated them with RetailPro POS system – Retail and Wholesale. Apart from, they worked with, the Amazon of Middle-East, and helped in developing integration with Retail Pro. This is the first integration RetailPro has with Souq, I suppose. Having 24Seven as our Ecommerce Integration Partner gave us the liberty to focus on growing the core retail business

“Al Shiaka makes world class Thobes. We cover most areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with several designs that satisfy different tastes and age groups. When it was time to move our online store to the next level, we chose 24Seven Commerce to integrate our Retail Pro POS system with Magento store. The 24Seven Commerce gave us all the features we needed, plus the assurance that a support staff would be ready to deal with technical issues should a problem arise. Our integration is smooth, accurate and most importantly, supports Arabic product information. We have enjoyed a highly functional system that is both reliable and easy for our staff to operate and maintain”

Mr. Anbar


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