How to Integrate Vend with WooCommerce using Octopus?


For retailers, one way to grow your business is to have a presence in multiple channels. But one of the challenges that businesses face is integration. How do you integrate all these channels so that you can maintain them easily from one location? The Vend WooCommerce integration solution takes care of this challenge.

Know more about Vend and WooCommerce

Vend is a very popular POS available in the market today. More than 25000+ retailers successfully use Vend to run their stores. And many of these retailers have now set up their online shop on WooCommerce. So how can they connect these two systems and have one unified system? That’s where the Vend WooCommerce integration solution comes in.

It is difficult to maintain and run multiple shops. Many times you will find retailers running their online and offline shops as separate entities. When you do that you need to keep track of inventory and enter them separately into both systems. You will have to update both stores as and when sales happen. This can lead to errors. Moreover, it will result in overselling and bad customer experience.  Meanwhile, with an integrated system, you can have a complete view of the business at any time. So, if you are looking to connect your shops and run them efficiently then Vend WooCommerce integration is for you.

What are the benefits of WooCommerce Integration with Vend POS?

  1. Retailers will have a complete view of performance in real-time with this integration
  2. They will be able to import products from Vend POS into the WooCommerce store easily
  3. When you enter new product details in Vend it will get updated in the WooCommerce store automatically
  4. With this solution, the sales data from WooCommerce store will get transferred to Vend POS automatically
  5. Businesses will not oversell as inventory will get synced every few minutes.
  6. You don’t have to do double-entry of data and this helps save time and minimize human error
  7. Shop owners will be able to provide a better customer experience across both channels.

3 ways to achieve Vend integration with WooCommerce

Use the built-in integration solution in Vend

Vend has different plans or packages like Lite, Pro and Enterprise Plan. If you are on the Pro or Enterprise Plan, then you have automatic access to the WooCommerce integration solution. But, if you are on the Lite plan you need to upgrade to connect your Vend store to WooCommerce. Also, you need to have WordPress 4.4 and WooCommerce 3.0 for integrating your Vend store with WooCommerce. With this solution, you can choose one or more physical outlets and sync your inventory with WooCommerce. On integration, Vend becomes the system of record that maintains all the product data. It means that if you make any update in the product information it will reflect automatically in the WooCommerce store.

Using third-party extensions

You will find many third-party plugins in the WooCommerce marketplace for integration with Vend. Vend Integration from SKU Plugs, VendIntegrations from veeqo are a few of them. These plugins are fairly simple to install and use. Some of the plugins synchronize data manually while others do it automatically. In Plugins data transfer happens by Point-to-point integration with no middleware. The only limitation with the third-party plugins is that they are not scalable. There are also limitations on the kind of data and frequency with which you can transfer data between the two systems.

Vend with WooCommerce using Octopus

Octopus Channel Manager is a cloud-based Integration platform that allows the exchange of data between systems seamlessly. It helps connect physical stores with eCommerce stores and works best for Vend and WooCommerce integration. You can eliminate entering data twice and share the POS and ERP data from Vend to WooCommerce easily.

With Octopus, retailers can maintain a single inventory master file for both Vend and WooCommerce. Octopus automatically synchronizes the data between the two systems. You don’t have to assign people to supervise this. This means that you save both time and money. Automatic syncing of data prevents out of stock situations. It also syncs online and offline sales data every few minutes resulting in improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Why Vend WooCommerce customers prefer Octopus for integration?

  1. You can update product catalog information automatically from Vend POS to your WooCommerce store
  2. When you change a product price in Vend POS it automatically updates this information in the WooCommerce store
  3. Whenever a sale happens in the physical store or the eCommerce store the inventory data gets updated in both the systems simultaneously.
  4. The solution automatically downloads WooCommerce store orders to Vend POS for easy fulfillment
  5. You can now connect multiple retail outlets with your WooCommerce store easily
  6. It helps you eliminate manual entry of data

If you want to access our manual for Vend WooCommerce integration click here:

You can take your marketing efforts one notch up with Vend WooCommerce integration

When you integrate your Vend POS with WooCommerce store using Octopus you will have access to real-time data. Also, updated order details and customer data will be available at any time. That’s not all. You have to update your new product details, customer offers, etc. in just one place. By doing that the data gets synced in the other system. This will ensure that your customers have a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. The orders placed in both systems are tracked and updated in the back-end ERP system immediately. This gives you a complete view of your sales performance.

  1.  You have access to a unified online and offline store which can be controlled from one location
  2. You can now access inventory and customer data in real-time and in one place
  3. There will be no manual or duplicate entry of data
  4. You can now extend the same customer promotions to both channels with minimum effort
  5. You can improve customer experience significantly

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