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Start selling on Amazon with our ready-to-use QuickBooks Amazon Integration.

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Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world today. Approximately 19 million sellers are selling actively on Amazon, and more than 4000 items get sold every minute. If you are looking to set up a shop on Amazon, then look no further. We have a perfect solution for you. Our POS Amazon Integration allows you to connect it to your QuickBooks POS easily. The solution enables you to have a fully optimized online/offline unified system. It also helps integrate the two systems, automate many processes, and manage both the stores effortlessly from one single location.

What is Omnichannel Commerce, And Why Are Retailers Adopting It?

It is a known fact that today the bulk of shopping happens online. Even online, there are too many options available for customers. They can shop from a company’s website, purchase the same product from one of the popular marketplaces, or even buy online and pick up the product from a physical store located close to them. To target these customers and service them effectively, retailers need to be available in multiple touchpoints. But merely being present is not sufficient. You need to integrate these stores and allow customers to access you from anywhere. They should be able to initiate a transaction on one channel and complete it in another. This is Omnichannel Commerce. To become an Omnichannel Commerce provider, you have to connect your QuickBooks POS to Amazon store. We have listed a few benefits in integrating your QuickBooks POS with Amazon store.

  • Better customer reach
  • Significant improvement in customer experience and loyalty
  • Increase in sales and traffic
  • Better data collection
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Automated Inventory Management

Like all other sectors, even retail has adopted automation in a big way. Retailers, both big and small, have embraced automation for various functions. One of them is inventory management. Inventory management is both time-consuming and error-prone. Especially if done manually. With our POS eCommerce integration, you can automate inventory management easily. You have to update the inventory information just once in your POS, and it gets automatically updated in the Amazon store. Whenever you update something in the QuickBooks POS, irrespective of the location, it gets updated online. Data points that can get updated automatically include:

  • Unique and expanded Item Title and Descriptions
  • 30+ unique QuickBooks fields can be mapped to the Amazon store
  • You can apply Safety Net Stock Rule to prevent over-selling
  • Pricing details including Sale Price, List Price, MSRP, Cost, etc.

Automated Order Management

Automation of Order management helps streamline retail operations and improve the efficiency of the order fulfillment process. The buying experience improves and prompts the customer to come back to the retailer for repeat purchases. With order automation, you can update stocks instantly, avoid cancellations, minimize shipping costs and save hours by automatically routing and invoicing orders across locations.

  • Set store preference and available quantities
  • Automatically route ordered items to the chosen location
  • Generate SO
  • Segregate Amazon Orders from in-store
  • Maintain separate ledgers for Taxes, Discounts, and Shipping Costs for Amazon orders
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Automated Shopper Management

When you integrate your Amazon store with the QuickBooks POS, it allows you to automatically download Amazon customer data into the POS. The solution can identify and segregate old and new customers before updating them into the POS system.

  • Identify existing and new customers
  • Avoid creating duplicate customers in QuickBooks POS
  • Add new online customers into QuickBooks automatically
  • Merge existing POS customers with the same Amazon customers
  • Download customer’s Billing and Shipping Address

Why Choose 24SevenCommerce for QuickBooks Amazon Integration?

Our POS eCommerce Integration is the best solution to connect your Amazon Store with your in-store QuickBooks POS. This versatile and multi-faceted solution facilitates the synchronization of products, stocks, customer data, order details. The solution automatically picks up the newly added items and the changed items in the POS and updates them onto your Amazon store. Likewise, while downloading the online orders, the solution verifies if it is from a new customer or an existing customer and populates the complete order details in QuickBooks POS without manual intervention.

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