24Seven’s Souq integration automatically synchronizes product details between physical locations and

Connect Your POS to Souq, Feed Web Orders to POS.
No website required.

Souq Integration: It is an English-Arabic language Ecommerce marketplace of the Middle East.  It is the largest online marketplace in the Arab world.  With sales of everything from electronics to baby clothes, this marketplace is often compared to retail giant, which doesn’t have a presence in the region.  By contrast, Souq operates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and also ships to Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

24Seven Commerce unifies online and offline operations by connecting Souq marketplace with physical retail shops.  In association with their IT Team, 24Seven Commerce provides two-way integration enabling product information to flow from a retailers POS system to Souq and downloading Souq orders into the Point-of-Sale system.

The entire integration process is automated.  No manual intervention is required.

The bottom line is that integrating your POS system with Souq saves your time, improves efficiencies and increases your customer satisfaction.

Your inventory and orders automatically update between Point of Sale and Souq marketplace so you never oversell.

24Channel Manager is an easy to use, web based platform that enables multiple software to connect together, optimizing inventory, streamlining operations, reducing man power and labor cost.

Reach Millions of Souq Buyers

It is estimated that receives 45 million visits and serves a market comprising of 120 million customers. Per Bloomberg, the company is valued at $1 billion.

According to Abdulaziz Baeshen – Founder and CEO of DR3 Sports, Saudi Arabia, “One of the most important factors to succeed in Ecommerce business is having a team offering technical support & services with quick response time and high efficiency. 24Seven Commerce team provides this support in a way unlike anyone else in the Gulf region. While dealing with them, I realized they are the pioneer of the trade.”   He further shared the information that “24Seven Commerce developed my two Ecommerce websites (Retail and Wholesale) and integrated them with respective RetailPro point-of-sale systems.”