How the Star-Plus POS Integration with eCommerce (via Octopus) is Beneficial to Retailers?

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The Auto-Star Star-Plus point of sale (POS) software helps retailers grow their business with adaptable features including inventory management, customer loyalty, integrated payments, and mobile delivery.

Retailers of all sizes specializing in grocery, pharmacy, and natural health stores can opt for this easy-to-use solution.

Auto-Star’s recent collaboration with 24Seven Commerce is a big step towards digitalization and empowering retailers to reach untapped customers.

Octopus Bridge, the cloud-based middleware, is a global leader in offering POS integration services to make eCommerce accessible for all retailers.

The integration of Star-Plus POS with Octopus Bridge will open endless opportunities for retailers to help them sell across multiple channels.

Let’s dive in to understand some of the benefits of the Star-Plus POS integration:

1. Automate Inventory and Order Management

Most retailers shy away from selling online, mainly because of how challenging it would be to handle both their physical and online stores.

Handling inventory and processing orders on both platforms are definitely a concern for some.

Should brick and mortar stores be the only way to attract customers?

The Auto-Star’s Star-Plus POS eCommerce integration will help you automate inventory management.

This means updates made on any of the platforms will show in another. For instance, updating the pricing or product quantities in your POS will automatically reflect in your online store.

Likewise, order automation makes the customer buying process simpler.

It will automatically invoice orders across locations and minimize the chances of any cancellation or out-of-stock situations.

2. Sell Across Multiple eCommerce Channels

Building multiple channels enables you to reach out to potential customers.

The retail business is highly competitive now and customer buying trends are evolving.

If you are still stuck with only traditional selling practices, your business may get left behind.

However, when you opt for the Octopus and Star-Plus POS integration software, you get to integrate single or even more marketplaces with your online store.

It allows retailers to establish multiple touchpoints and expand their business reach.

Statistically, companies that offer an omnichannel experience to retailers have a customer retention rate of 89%compared with those that don’t.

Selling across various channels is an excellent way to better your customer reach and gain brand loyalty.

3. Adopt Various Shopping Models

Customer buying habits are evolving drastically. They are trending towards options that give them utmost flexibility, whether in-store or online shopping.

However, in the last few years, shoppers were able to expand customer buying options with four major shopping models:

  • ROPIS: Reserve Online, Pickup In-store
  • BOPIS: Buy Online, Pickup In-store
  • BOPAC: Buy Online, Pickup at Curbside
  • BORIS: Buy Online, Return In-Store

The Auto-Star Star-Plus integration with Octopus allows retailers to leverage all these models and close more clients.

Plus, having more shopping models makes the customers’ buying process more convenient, minimizing the chances of cancellations or returns.

4. Keep an Eye on the Customer’s Buying Trends

Accurate decisions equal more sales.

When you have a solid system that keeps track of every single product and provides you with real-time analysis of how your business is performing, you are able to make more informed decisions.

When you integrate Octopus with your Star-Plus POS, you get access to detailed customer insights and inventory predictions.

Final Thoughts

The multistore Auto-Star eCommerce integration opens a gateway of opportunities for retailers who are still on the fence on whether they can ever sell online.

The Octopus Channel is dedicatedly designed to allow sellers to connect their POS with eCommerce platforms and automate their workflow.

This way, they don’t have to waste a lot of their time on manual data entry and sell across multiple channels hassle-free.

Many Auto-Star retailers have already made the switch to Octopus Bridge as their POS integration software. Contact us today to get started.