Undoubtedly, Amazon is the king of the e-commerce market. The platform receives humongous traffic on its site every day. Besides, online shoppers tap on Amazon just to do one thing – shop.

As brick-and-mortar retailers, collaborating with Amazon can give your brand a lot of exposure.  

You can now offer an omnichannel experience to your potential customers. Over 2 million active third-party retailers sell on Amazon and 10% of them earn over 100k annually.

The primary reason most retailers find it challenging to join Amazon is their incompetence in managing both online and offline stores.  

We wouldn’t disagree that doing everything on your own is definitely a big task to take up.  

But why not opt for an automated solution.  

Octopus Bridge, the middleware, is a cloud-based platform that helps retailers set up their digital presence by connecting in-store POS with their online store.  

The integration makes it easier for retailers to handle inventory across both online and offline stores.  

Any update made on either of the platforms gets directly uploaded into another. So, once you update stock in your POS, there is no need to re-do it for your online store.  

Octopus Bridge centralizes your business operation and provides intensive reports on the supply and demand of every product.

Hundreds of retailers have trusted Octopus Bridge; when are you making the shift?