A Surge in Online Sales during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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A Surge in Online Sales during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The COVID-19 outbreak has spurred the online sales of items, both essential and non-essential. According to the data from Adobe Analytics, the U.S. eCommerce sales registered a 49% increase in average daily sales from March 12- April 11 as compared to March 1- 11. The primary items driving this increase in sales were grocery products, books, and alcohol. The numbers clearly suggest that retailers should pull up their socks and enhance their online presence to achieve sales growth. For establishing a strong offline to online presence, POS (point of sale) integration can be of foremost importance.

In this article, we explore how integrating POS with eCommerce stores can help retailers make the most of their sales channels.

Online sales are on the rise

As more than half of the global population was under lockdown through March and April, people had no choice but to shop online. Staying home, social distancing, and self-containment measures were the only ways left to break the chain of the novel coronavirus transmission. During this difficult time, people majorly relied on e-commerce platforms for the delivery of essential items. As a result, several retailers witnessed an unprecedented rise in online orders of essential commodities.

Buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) accounted for a major chunk of online orders during this period. Retailers offering this facility of letting customers place orders on the web and then have them pick it up from their stores saw a huge boost in their sales. Numbers from Adobe Analytics study shows the BOPIS orders increased by 208% for the period of April 1-20 as compared to the year-ago period.

Since the COVID-19 crisis is still here, retailers who are not active in this field must quickly adopt this model. A good start could be using POS integration to enhance the operational efficiency of sales channels.

Why POS Integration?

Retailers selling products from both offline and online sales channels may face difficulties in maintaining accurate data. Data such as customers’ information, orders, inventory levels are critical for the successful operation of retail business. With POS integration, specialty retailers can give away the hassle of manually updating the numbers.

Once the stores are integrated with the POS system, retailers can focus on the other areas of their business to improve sales and grow. By integrating POS with an eCommerce store, retailers can activate the 24×7 buying options for their customers. Some of the other benefits of POS integration are:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Easy inventory management
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased productivity
  • Boost in sales

The ‘new normal’ will have a majority of people shopping online rather than visiting the store. Hence, integrating multiple POS and eCommerce solutions will augment sales benefits.

Cloud-based integration platform

Our proprietary product, Octopus Channel Manager, enables bi-directional data exchange between brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce channels. Octopus eliminates duplicate data entry, downloads all web orders, and maintains the perfect sync between offline and online sales channels.

Retailers can take complete advantage of this cloud-based integration platform and prevent risks of over-selling, reduce labor costs, improve operational efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.

Choose 24Seven Commerce for retail management solutions

Our expertise in Offline to Online (O2O) integration caters to the requirements of the specialty retailers across the globe. We integrate any POS system with any eCommerce platform or shopping carts and ensure our clients start making profits.

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