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Lightspeed Retail Integration with Magento

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Thrive in the online retail world with the ready-to-use Lightspeed Magento Integration

The eCommerce segment has witnessed massive growth in recent times. With customers opting for contactless shopping, retailers are busy setting up a presence in the online space and connecting both their physical and online store for better results. It is the best time to integrate your Lightspeed Retail POS with Magento Store. With our POS eCommerce integration, you can have a fully optimized online/offline unified system. This solution enables you to integrate the two systems, automate many processes, and manage both the stores effortlessly from one single location.

What Is Omnichannel Commerce And Why Are Retailers Adopting It?

Omnichannel Commerce is about being present in multiple sales channels and providing customers with a seamless shopping experience. To do this effectively, you need to integrate all your sales channels so that a customer can initiate a transaction in one place and complete it in another. For example, a customer sees your product on one of the social media platforms. To research more about the product, the customer then visits your website. He then decides to place an order on the website but prefers to pick up the product from the nearest store. To cater to these customers and become an Omnichannel Commerce provider, you have to connect your Lightspeed POS to the Magento backed online store. There are many benefits in integrating your Lightspeed POS with your Magento store.

  • Better customer reach
  • Significant improvement in customer experience and loyalty
  • Increase in sales and traffic
  • Better data collection
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Automated Inventory Management

When you have multiple stores, it makes business sense to automate inventory management. Keeping track of inventory and updating them manually in all stores can be time-consuming and prone to errors. With our POS eCommerce integration, you need to update inventory information only once in your Lightspeed Retail POS. It then gets automatically updated in the Magento store as well. Whenever you update something in the POS, irrespective of the location, it gets updated online. Data points that can get updated automatically include:

  • Unique and expanded Item Title and Descriptions
  • 30+ unique Lightspeed fields can be mapped to the Magento store
  • You can apply Safety Net Stock Rule to prevent over-selling
  • Pricing details including Sale Price, List Price, MSRP, Cost, etc.
  • Support for features like ‘Draft Items’; ‘Delete Out-of-Stock’; and ‘Matrix’ Items.

Automated Order Management

Order management and fulfillment are critical in the retail business. It is the buying experience that very often brings a customer back for a repeat purchase. Hence you need to invest in the automation of order management to enhance the customer experience. Order automation can help update stocks, avoid cancellations, minimize shipping costs and save hours by automatically routing and invoicing orders across locations.

  • Set store preference and available quantities
  • Automatically route ordered items to the chosen location
  • Generate SO
  • Segregate Magento Orders from in-store
  • Maintain separate ledgers for Taxes, Discounts, and Shipping Costs for Magento orders
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Automated Shopper Management

By integrating your eCommerce store with the POS, you can automatically download Magento customer data into Lightspeed Retail. The system can identify and segregate old and new customers before updating them into the POS system.

  • Identify existing and new customers
  • Avoid creating duplicate customers in Lightspeed POS
  • Add new online customers into Lightspeed automatically
  • Merge existing POS customers with the same eCommerce customers
  • Download customer data – Billing Address, Shipping Address, Email, Phone, etc.

Why Choose 24SevenCommerce for Lightspeed Magento Integration?

Our POS eCommerce Integration is the best solution to connect your Magento Store with your in-store Lightspeed POS. It facilitates the synchronization of products, stocks, customers, orders, and product categories. The system automatically picks the newly added items and the changed items in the POS and updates them onto your eCommerce store. Likewise, while downloading the online orders, the system verifies if it is from a new customer or an existing customer and populates the complete order details in Lightspeed without manual intervention.

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