Embracing the new normal in retail with Microsoft RMS eCommerce Integration

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Embracing the new normal in retail with Microsoft RMS eCommerce Integration

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The retail sector has experienced profound changes that are going to impact the buying habits of customers for an unforeseeable future. Established retail brands are aware of this fact and are preparing to adapt to the new normal. However, for small and medium-sized retailers, the transformation could be a challenging task. It is, therefore, essential to maintain the perfect balance between various operations to deliver optimal shopping experiences. Digital innovation is an important aspect that can overturn the impact of lockdown on various retail businesses. While launching an eCommerce store is a must, connecting the in-store inventory with POS systems can help retailers save money while streamlining operations. Microsoft Dynamics RMS is a perfect option for retailers to bring a new wave of opportunities during these unprecedented times.

In this article, we will shed light on the ways in which connecting in-store RMS inventory with your eCommerce store can help you offer an omnichannel experience.

Importance of Digital Innovation

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the lives of individuals and businesses alike. People are instructed not to step out of their homes and roam freely as they did earlier. For brick-and-mortar stores, it is a difficult time as the footfall has subsided due to the coronavirus pandemic. In these trying times, it is important to find new ways to keep the business afloat and prepare for the post-COVID era. While the fear of the virus spread won’t go away anytime soon, it is essential for retailers to adapt to this new normal.

Digital innovation is the need of the hour to stay connected with your customers. Connecting to advanced POS systems such as Microsoft Dynamics RMS can serve to the purpose of establishing a strong online presence. At present, it takes no time to set-up an online store. The availability of platforms such as Shopify and Magento provides retailers the opportunity to launch a feature-rich online store.

Why should you choose POS eCommerce Integration?

Starting an online store doesn’t mean looking away from the in-store inventory. POS systems help retailers to offer an omnichannel experience by engaging shoppers on various online platforms, be it eCommerce stores or social media platforms. However, it is equally important to keep the in-store inventory in sync with the eCommerce store to deliver smooth shopping experiences. Out-of-stock products must be shown as such to prevent over-selling thus leading to poor customer experience. To prevent these sorts of errors, POS systems are extremely useful.

Detailed Benefits of using our Microsoft Dynamics RMS Integration with eCommerce

Even before the COVID-19 gripped the world, the retail sector was experiencing a tussle between the online and offline stores. eCommerce was slowly taking over the brick and mortar stores by providing more value to the consumers. To address this concern, it became increasingly important for physical stores to formulate new sales strategies. POS systems provide a more appropriate solution for specialty retailers to step into the eCommerce world confidently.

Some of the notable benefits of connecting in-store inventory with Microsoft Dynamics RMS POS are:

  1. Display correct availability of products
  2. Download web orders in the POS for record-keeping
  3. Generate reports on web sales, payments, backorders, and shipping
  4. Connect multiple retail outlets with your eCommerce store
  5. Provide easy curbside pickup and buy-online-pickup-in-store facility

Enhancing the value of POS eCommerce integration with our cloud-based platform

Octopus, our proprietary product, acts as a middleware between the POS system and eCommerce platform. Octopus facilitates easy integration of any POS with any eCommerce platform such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc. The highlighting feature of Octopus is that it provides automatic synchronization of the inventory between Microsoft Dynamics RMS POS and web platform.

Join forces with 24Seven and offer an omnichannel experience to your customers

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