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Shopify Integration with ERPLY POS Enable Effective Management of Sales

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Multichannel businesses require a lot of hard work to maintain brick and mortar and ecommerce operations separately. When the business is going well, it’s hard to change things up. However, there are ways to improve operations, customer satisfaction, and sales with the integration of the Shopify store with the ERPLY POS (point-of-sale) system. Let’s take a look at how the ERPLY POS and Shopify store integration enables your business to achieve efficiency, enhance productivity, and boost sales with ease.

Shopify and ERPLY POS System Integration

The integration of the Shopify platform with ERPLY POS systems may seem daunting because of the cost or risk of disruption. However, integration can ensure effective operations and enhanced customer experience. When ERPLY POS and your Shopify ecommerce platform is not integrated, it requires manual management of both the systems. It necessitates that the team manually manage and move data across both channels, such as:

  • Product data, shipping information, and tracking status from ERPLY POS to Shopify platform
  • Sales orders from Shopify to ERPLY POS
  • Cutting after-sales inventory levels

Manual processes are prone to errors and time-consuming. Incorrect product information, shipping addresses, and inventory updates, and overselling lay bare challenges. As a result, time is wasted that should have been spent on enhancing customer experience.

Benefits of ERPLY POS and Shopify Web Store Integration

ERPLY POS and Shopify ecommerce platform integration, on the other hand, leads to benefits like these:

No manual data entry required

ERPLY POS software integration with Shopify and using them as one system enables various benefits. The integration minimizes human errors with ease. It eliminates the manual workload by automating purchase orders with vendors. It minimizes errors and easily posts products to the Shopify platform from within ERPLY POS in a few clicks. It enables a single system to better manage inventory for both your in-store ERPLY POS system and Shopify store and improve your overall restocking time.

Availability of the inventory in real-time

With real-time shared inventory for stores, warehouses, and web, you can enable quick and easy transfer of merchandise from one store to another, essentially from your Shopify inventory to an in-store or vice versa. You can prevent out of stock scenarios and angry customers. As soon as an item is sold in-store or on Shopify, it is reflected, in real-time in your database. It becomes easy to keep track of stock levels, set up auto-replenishment, and get real-time reporting to help transfer merchandise as needed.

Cross-Channel Promotions and Customer Incentives

Cross-channel promotions enable you to expand your customer base and increase your sales.

It’s important to have a retail system that allows pricing, coupons, loyalty rewards & gift cards to be redeemed in-store and online which is possible with ERPLY POS and Shopify integration.

The integration enables the restructuring of loyalty points in a way that encourages customers to shop through both channels. Also, generating revenue from both the Shopify store and in-store becomes easy with interchangeable gift cards, coupons, and promotions.

In-Store Returns and Pickups

Many giant retailers like Walmart use their store locations to fulfill online orders. The integration of your ERPLY POS with Shopify can position your business to take advantage of this fulfillment model. You can enable your customers to purchase products online and pick-up in-store. It offers shoppers faster delivery options and retailers get reduced shipping costs. Additionally, enabling customers to return products purchased online at the store helps enhance customer satisfaction. You can add a store locator on your Shopify store showing inventory levels in each store to provide shopping convenience.

Shopify and ERPLY POS Integration with 24Sevencommmerce

Octopus is our cloud-based system that provides ERPLY POS and Shopify integration support. It establishes the infrastructure to automatically sync ERPLY POS inventory data with your Shopify sales channel. It ensures simultaneous syncing of all product updates while automatically feeding online orders from your Shopify store into the ERPLY cloud-based POS system. You get the following advantages with the integration of Shopify and ERPLY POS using our Octopus Channel system:

  • Establish connectivity and data translation between ERPLY POS and Shopify stores while also connecting multiple retail outlets
  • Automatically upload product catalog information and update the latest pricing and inventory information from ERPLY POS to your Shopify store. Also, automatically download Shopify store orders in ERPLY POS for the fulfillment, record-keeping, processing, and reporting
  • Generate reports on web sales, payments, backorders and shipping
  • Eliminate duplicate and manual data entry on your Shopify store

Octopus Channel Integration operates as a connector. It enables you to integrate multiple systems into a single platform. Shopify and ERPLY POS integration powered by Octopus automates retail business processes and eliminates the need for manual data entry. It automatically synchronizes inventory between your ERPLY POS and your existing Shopify platform and prevents out of stock, back-orders, and refunds. Put simply, it improves overall operational efficiency and customer experience.

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